Monday, February 4, 2013

A Blank Canvas

I love my new house! I can't say that enough. I'm thinking of getting it on a t-shirt and wearing it every day. Yesterday while thrifting, I found a lovely framed picture that reads, "Life is Good." I think that sums up my family's new life in the country perfectly.

It's been two months since we've moved from the city, and to be honest, there's still a quite few boxes left unpacked. They are mostly art/craft/school supplies that I have not organized yet.

As for decorating, before the move, I had perused (obsessed over is more like it) Pinterest, and made lists, sketches and pinned my boards with ideas and projects. I began to look at my freshly painted walls as a blank canvas in which I could create masterpieces.

Back at the city apartment, I did a miniscule amount of decorating, and started a collection of framed still lifes. These still life paintings are easy to find. I discovered them at practically every yard sale and thrift store I frequented. So, with the help of Carole Talbott's book, Decorating for Good, I learned how to hang my pictures into a gallery or as I like to call it, a wall collage that I'm completely in love with. Btw, this book is also a step-by-step guide to rearranging what you already own, furniture, wall art, etc., and it's fabulous. 

Wow, now I notice that I really only have 5 still lifes. But, there's room for more to be added (she says with glee).

My daughter finally got some wall art in her new mermaid (not Ariel) room. For Christmas, her Nana bought her a turquoise rug and comforter and sewed some new curtains. (Did you know mermaid fabric is really hard to find in the store? Online, yes, but very expensive) Before we moved, I discovered the joys of crafting with canvas, (Thank you, Pinterest!) so dd painted these for her room. It was so easy I could hardly stand it. It was NOT so easy hanging them like this despite the wax paper trick that I learned on, you guessed it, Pinterest.
Now, I have a photo frame that I use in dd's room and change up with stickers for whatever theme she's got working at the moment. Here is the previous frame in Wonder Woman. WW bedding or fabric is completely non-existent, so we used posters and lots of red and blue.
We turned this into...
I have grandiose ideas for my living room. My walls are a little too stark white for me, so I'm thinking of painting a large beige rectangular over the couch as a background for another wall collage of family portraits and letters. But, that's going to have to be a post for another day.
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  1. I love the picture that looks like a window frame, where you are looking out into the ocean. Cute idea.

  2. “Life is good”. Having a new home is such a blessing! By the way, I love your unique decors!

  3. Thanks, Lakisha! It's fun to decorate, isn't it? :)

  4. Nothing is more fun about decorating than decorating your (own) new house! First, you have a lot of ideas in mind of how's it going to be and you’d feel so great after seeing the finished product! The sky is the limit. Let your imagination and creativity run loose!

    Leona Gladen