Friday, December 14, 2012

Going Country #2

We're here! We've arrived!

My little family of three is now snug in our first new home, and it feels glorious. I have to tell you, the first few days, I thought of this house as the previous owners' and I was just visiting. Weird, huh? Day Five hit, and I realized that I now viewed it as "our house." Maybe it was because we needed to get more stuff unpacked and it actually looked liveable? Maybe it was because we got the Christmas tree up? Who knows why? It just hit me, "We're home!"

The second level still has boxes to unpack. Mostly they are my office and school stuff. I can't tell you how very excited I am to have my own office, and a place to put all my daughter's school supplies. At our little apt in Arlington we had our stuff shoved into bookshelves and bins. Very tragic.

Now, there's some good things and bad things, or rather not-yet-adjusted-to things about living waaaay out here in the country.

The first thing that I'm not adjusted to yet is all the driving it takes to get to the grocery store, Target, Starbucks, my daughter's activities, etc. In the city, I zoomed around and arrived in ten minutes, now I realize I need at least 30-40 minutes to get to dd's Brownie meetings, and an hour or more to get into the city for her weekly Destination Imagination club.

The second, and most difficult adjustment, is my husband's commute to and fro work. He gets up so dang early, I don't even know how he stands it! And, then he's home with just enough time to have dinner, and prepare for the next day. Granted, he's staying later because it's crunch time at work and overtime is practically mandatory. So, I hope we all (he mostly) get used to this killer commute eventually.

I'm sure I'll find more things to adjust to, but those are the biggest right now.

The good things:
1. Having this beautiful house to grow our wonderful family! (Imagine a silly, beaming 44 y.o. woman, and that's me)
2. Having my own garden which still has mustard greens and kale in it. I like to broil/bake in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes. Delish!
3. The stunning country and mountain views. My road is off a Virginia scenic byway! I think that's pretty cool. I also pass by four horse farms and a winery. And, most evenings, the sunset is spectacular.

My list of "good things in the country" will grow I'm sure. For now, I'm going to enjoy the fire, read a book with dd, and look for stars (and maybe a meteor/shooting star from Geminid) through my skylight.
It's good to be home...