Sunday, November 25, 2012

Going Country

The movers are coming. The movers are coming. It's a mantra that I repeat in my head as I clean out, pack boxes and generally freak out!

Don't get me wrong. I'm excited to move into my first house. Yes, we are officially homeowners for the first time. It's way overdue. We have been busting out of the seams here in a two bedroom apartment in North Arlington for too long.

Now, I love our neighborhood and I love being so close to lots of fun places. We have probably ten parks within walking distance. (Arlington is known for its parks) We have a grocery store right across the street. We can hop a bus for the Metro station and be downtown on the Mall to stroll the museums within the hour (or less). The libraries (one of my favorite places) are easy to walk to as well. I will miss all that convenience.

But, I think I will LOVE living in the country. Space to run, room to grow, time to breathe. Ahhh...

It will still be an adjustment for this city girl who has lived in the suburbs her whole life.  But, I'm ready for the challenge.

The movers are three days. I'll let you know after the dust has settled and the boxes are unpacked how it feels to go country.  ;)

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