Friday, July 22, 2016

Christmas in July

Just half a year away from the most wonderful time of the year! Time to start shopping early if you tend to have a big list and wish to take advantage of the Christmas in July sales. Holiday books can help you get in the mood. A Spirited Season is an anthology of six heart-warming holiday tales with a touch of paranormal to brighten your summer, and get you thinking about Santa's visit. Available on Amazon, Nook and Kobo.

The best part about downloading this book to your e-reader? All profits benefit Rikki's Refuge, a no-kill animal sanctuary in Virginia. This amazing place is 450 acres and supports all species of animals when it seems like there might not be anywhere else for them to go. Homeless dogs, disabled cats, the abandoned and abused, pigs, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs. You name it, Rikki's Refuge kindly provides a safe and loving place for them to stay. The sanctuary is solely supported by donations.

My author friends, Karen Cantwell and Misha Crews, believe that Rikki's Refuge is a very worthy cause. Won't you buy our book today and help them out?

Thanks, and Happy Summer!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Six heartwarming, holiday tales to get you into the spirit of the season...just 99 cents on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo.

All proceeds benefit Rikki's Refuge, an all-species, no-kill animal Sanctuary in Orange, Virginia, because all animals deserve a miracle.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some Juicy News

Notice the cool button on the side of my page?

I had never been a finalist before, so I was pretty stoked at the juicy news that A Spirited Season, was a finalist in the 2013 eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards for Best Anthology!!

It was so much fun writing these two short stories for the anthology with my besties, Karen Cantwell and Misha Crews, that I wish it was Christmas all year long.

Delaney, the heroine from Make My Wish Come True, celebrated by persuading Grant, her former genie, to take her out for ice cream like they did when they first met when Delaney was revenge shopping at the mall.

And, Kendall, from Jingle Spells, threw a little party in her apartment with Mitch, her warlock boyfriend, mixing up mojitos and margaritas for everyone.

Thanks for the nomination!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Juicy Tidbits

A writer's head can be so crammed full of ideas, there just isn't enough time in the day to write down all the stories that lurk there.

I have a pirate time travel that's rattling around in my mind. I've even done quite a bit of research on pirates and the setting. My heroine and hero are clearly defined physically in mental image pictures, but that's where it stops. So far.

Move on to the next story: Daphne and Mason, two friends that have been Saturday-night-only lovers for six months, but he wants more and she wants to stay in their sexual friendship, a term that Mason doesn't care for one bit. But, they find themselves on vacation in Hawaii, a lover's paradise.

The next story on the docket is Kendall's stories about her month of men (40 men!) that she blogs about so other single girls won't end up like her...flooding her dating pool. The blog for the first week of 10 men has been finished, but not edited. Kendall's blog is a prequel of sorts. Her story about meeting her love, a sexy bartender warlock, can be found in the anthology, A Spirited Season.

And, now a new character (but one that I've been thinking about for years) has decided to pop into my head and make herself known. She's told me that she lives in rural America during the time that doomsday preppers call The End of the World As We Know It.

What does all this have to do with being "juicy?"

The world dictionary defines juicy as provocatively interesting, and that's what these ideas and stories are to me. And, it's just a cool world to say. :)

Tune in next time for more juicyness!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Ran Away From Home

I've done it. I've packed my bags and left my family and beautiful new home for a cabin on the river with three writing friends for a retreat, and it's wonderful!

We have the fireplace blazing. We have heat, indoor plumbing, five bedrooms, snacks, water, internet and a stack of movies to choose from for after dinner. As much as I miss my family, I'm loving sharing quality time with my friends and my laptop.

I finished one of my stories, and started editing it while plotting another. I used Margie Lawson's EDITS system, and I love how easy it is. I feel like a real honest-to-goodness writer!

This is our third visit to the cabin in the woods. It's right on the Potomac River in Sterling, Virginia, and the winter woods view is gorgeous from our picture window overlooking our deck. It's too darn cold to go out on the deck today. The blustery winds are white-capping the river, and it's slithering along swiftly like a long, green snake. It's refreshing to see the Potomac hued a pleasant green from the muddy brown that I've seen down in D.C. I love to stare out the glass and watch the river parade by while brainstorming.

What's my story about, you might ask? Hopefully. I'm using a character (Kendall) from one of my published short stories from the Christmas anthology, A Spirited Season

Kendall has her own board on Pinterest which you can see here.

Her story is more of a prequel before she meets Mr. Perfect in Jingle Spells, the short story's title in the holiday anthology. She's a savvy, single-girl-in-the-city, and has this crazy month of men (40 men!) in which she blogs about for the reader's enjoyment. It's called Flooding the Dating Pool, and I will be posting soon that it's been released.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my last day away from home, pack quietly in the morning, and head back to the country for an affectionate reunion with my family. I'll assume my post as Mommy and Wife, sneak in some writing time when I can (probably before bed when I'm exhausted) and dream of when I can run away from home again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Blank Canvas

I love my new house! I can't say that enough. I'm thinking of getting it on a t-shirt and wearing it every day. Yesterday while thrifting, I found a lovely framed picture that reads, "Life is Good." I think that sums up my family's new life in the country perfectly.

It's been two months since we've moved from the city, and to be honest, there's still a quite few boxes left unpacked. They are mostly art/craft/school supplies that I have not organized yet.

As for decorating, before the move, I had perused (obsessed over is more like it) Pinterest, and made lists, sketches and pinned my boards with ideas and projects. I began to look at my freshly painted walls as a blank canvas in which I could create masterpieces.

Back at the city apartment, I did a miniscule amount of decorating, and started a collection of framed still lifes. These still life paintings are easy to find. I discovered them at practically every yard sale and thrift store I frequented. So, with the help of Carole Talbott's book, Decorating for Good, I learned how to hang my pictures into a gallery or as I like to call it, a wall collage that I'm completely in love with. Btw, this book is also a step-by-step guide to rearranging what you already own, furniture, wall art, etc., and it's fabulous. 

Wow, now I notice that I really only have 5 still lifes. But, there's room for more to be added (she says with glee).

My daughter finally got some wall art in her new mermaid (not Ariel) room. For Christmas, her Nana bought her a turquoise rug and comforter and sewed some new curtains. (Did you know mermaid fabric is really hard to find in the store? Online, yes, but very expensive) Before we moved, I discovered the joys of crafting with canvas, (Thank you, Pinterest!) so dd painted these for her room. It was so easy I could hardly stand it. It was NOT so easy hanging them like this despite the wax paper trick that I learned on, you guessed it, Pinterest.
Now, I have a photo frame that I use in dd's room and change up with stickers for whatever theme she's got working at the moment. Here is the previous frame in Wonder Woman. WW bedding or fabric is completely non-existent, so we used posters and lots of red and blue.
We turned this into...
I have grandiose ideas for my living room. My walls are a little too stark white for me, so I'm thinking of painting a large beige rectangular over the couch as a background for another wall collage of family portraits and letters. But, that's going to have to be a post for another day.
Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Going Country #2

We're here! We've arrived!

My little family of three is now snug in our first new home, and it feels glorious. I have to tell you, the first few days, I thought of this house as the previous owners' and I was just visiting. Weird, huh? Day Five hit, and I realized that I now viewed it as "our house." Maybe it was because we needed to get more stuff unpacked and it actually looked liveable? Maybe it was because we got the Christmas tree up? Who knows why? It just hit me, "We're home!"

The second level still has boxes to unpack. Mostly they are my office and school stuff. I can't tell you how very excited I am to have my own office, and a place to put all my daughter's school supplies. At our little apt in Arlington we had our stuff shoved into bookshelves and bins. Very tragic.

Now, there's some good things and bad things, or rather not-yet-adjusted-to things about living waaaay out here in the country.

The first thing that I'm not adjusted to yet is all the driving it takes to get to the grocery store, Target, Starbucks, my daughter's activities, etc. In the city, I zoomed around and arrived in ten minutes, now I realize I need at least 30-40 minutes to get to dd's Brownie meetings, and an hour or more to get into the city for her weekly Destination Imagination club.

The second, and most difficult adjustment, is my husband's commute to and fro work. He gets up so dang early, I don't even know how he stands it! And, then he's home with just enough time to have dinner, and prepare for the next day. Granted, he's staying later because it's crunch time at work and overtime is practically mandatory. So, I hope we all (he mostly) get used to this killer commute eventually.

I'm sure I'll find more things to adjust to, but those are the biggest right now.

The good things:
1. Having this beautiful house to grow our wonderful family! (Imagine a silly, beaming 44 y.o. woman, and that's me)
2. Having my own garden which still has mustard greens and kale in it. I like to broil/bake in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes. Delish!
3. The stunning country and mountain views. My road is off a Virginia scenic byway! I think that's pretty cool. I also pass by four horse farms and a winery. And, most evenings, the sunset is spectacular.

My list of "good things in the country" will grow I'm sure. For now, I'm going to enjoy the fire, read a book with dd, and look for stars (and maybe a meteor/shooting star from Geminid) through my skylight.
It's good to be home...